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25 January 1990
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My name is Chessna.
I am almost 22 years old.
Most of my free time revolves around fashion and video games.
I also collect medical things.
I am a vegetarian (for about nine years now)
and I have a super wonderful boyfriend.
I would really like to make some local lolita friends, so if you live around here, please feel free to introduce yourself! :3
"strange" photography/art, abandoned buildings, afi, alice and the pirates, alice auaa, alice in wonderland, amanda palmer, animal hats, animals, anna varney, antique beast, antiques, apples, art, atelier pierrot, baking, balloons, bandages, bats, blood, bonnets, bowling, bumblebees, bunnies, candies, cats, chantilly, chocolate, circle lenses, cookies, cupcakes, cute things, david bowie, designing, devil doll, diy, doll collecting, doll style, dolls, drawing, dresden dolls, eye patches, fashion, fashion design, fruit, ghosts, gloomy bear, gothic lolita, gottfried helnwein, grey, grotesque, gurneys, guro lolita, gurololi, h. naoto, h.naoto, halloween, hayao miyazaki movies, honesty, horror movies, innocence, innocent world, intelligent people, interview with the vampire, juliette et justine, katamari, kitties, kuro lolita, labyrinth, lolita, lolita fashion, lunchboxes, makeup, malice mizer, marilyn manson, mary magdalene, medical, medical lolita, medical supplies, medical things, metamorhose temps de fille, mille fleurs, mini golf, mini tricorns, moi-meme-moitie, movies, music, nature, nautical, ncis, nice people, nurse, nurses, opera, painting, photography, pirate bunnies, pirates, platforms, poetry, pretty hair, project runway, purple, rabbit hats, rats, red pandas, respectful people, rococo, sailor style, serial experiments lain, sewing, smashing pumpkins, snow, snow bunnies, sopor aeternus, special effects makeup, squids, static, strawberry flavor, suppurate system, sweeney todd, sweets, teeth, the birthday massacre, the supernatural, trees, trevor brown, uniforms, v for vendetta, vampires, victorian maiden, wheelchairs, winter, wonder showzen, x-rays, zebras