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I'm going so fast I can't stop.

I just had my fashion show a few days ago. Since then I have been trying to relax and get some rest because I'm having a problem with my eyes.
I really want to start making more things right away, and do photo shoots and all sorts of things. I haven't been posting here nearly enough, and I feel bad because I miss all the lovely people.
I feel so frustrated with my closet, because I want new things and everything seems boring or doesn't fit right or I feel like everyone has seen it a million times before. I want to get back to making things for myself for a while. I want to spend time decorating for Halloween, and taking pretty pictures.

I'm not going to take time right now to post photos of the show here, but I will post the video soon.
For now here are links: d0ll clothes and EGL post

bunny, medical, lolita


I apologize for being so absent. I have been extremely busy with fashion week stuff, and away from home, which prevents me from posting photos here. I am much more active on facebook at the moment, since I can access it on my phone. Also, some photos can be seen there on the d0ll clothes page.

I need to get back to sewing now, but I hope you all are well. <3
bunny, medical, lolita


I've been so busy, and so lazy, and so distracted, that I haven't updated. I did a photo shoot about a week ago and still haven't posted photos here. I don't really have time to do all that right now, so I will just post one. I need to sew MAJORLY. 0_0